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The 5 business strategies that Loison effectively puts in place year after year yield tangible, long-lasting results that go to strengthen and reaffirm the company. Here they are:

  1. Yearly redesign of the collections
  2. A new product every year
  3. Expansion to international markets
  4. Web & Social media
  5. De-seasonalization and interpretation of the Panettone



Thanks to the innovative ideas brought by Dario Loison’s wife Sonia Pilla, the theme for Loison products changes every year. Sonia’s fine sensitivity makes dreams come true with every Panettone package she creates.
One of the company’s smartest innovations consisted in creating Panettone packaging whose design was not necessarily tied to the holiday season, but rather provided functional features that made it reusable.
Loison’s design efforts make it so that every ... [read more]

The Loison Museum

The vision of Dario and Sonia does not want to forget their roots and wish to preserve its memory in time for future generations. Aware that you can not build the future without a solid foundation they open the museum to high school and universities to disseminate the culture and tradition of confectionery in young people who have not had the chance to experience it and know it firsthand.

It is a true fact that a cherished Collection is the product of Passion and that from a Collection comes continuous Research. As most museums, Loison’s Museum originates from a private collection too, the fruit of love for the world of pastry making and for all the memorabilia related to it.

This little piece of history has grown over the years, thanks to Dario Loison’s perseverance while seeking for trinkets in antique markets, hidden shops and even ... [read more]

Loison: 20 years of digital strategies

When it comes to business strategies, we often do not realize how much the digital world has changed the way we have been operating for the past 20 years. Previously, all communication and business strategies revolved around a traditional system, which used a large amount of time and resources. After the advent of the web, the system was completely altered.

Dario Loison knows something about that. In the mid-90s, he began building and structuring his entire business network and contacts using the World Wide Web.

Below is the timeline of Loison’s milestones in digital strategies.

1996 – Launch of Loison.com

In 1996, when Dario Loison had already been managing Loison Pasticceri for the last four years, he launched the company’s first website, which consisted of only a few pages, and he began selling his products on-line. The first order came from a Swedish housewife who purchased 400 Panettone cakes for the Italian Association in Örebro, Sweden. The other order came from an ice cream parlor called Pinocchio, located in Osaka, Japan. ... [read more]

Sonia Design style

Sonia Design is the style that freed the packaging of our leavened products from their traditional holiday tones, in favor of colors that can be adapted to any season, because Loison’s products are not necessarily tied to the holidaysWe bring to your tables traditional made in Italy products that can be savored anywhere, anytime

A confection, whether for a festive occasion or as a gift, is a symbol/token: all the more so when it is linked to a special occasion. The package is therefore an irreplaceable tool for communicating the uniqueness of that confection and of the intention that accompanies it.

The products that Sonia Design refreshes every year are the result of careful attention to choices, shapes, materials and colors, in an effort to meet the demands of international customers ... [read more]

Dario Loison and his innate talents

Dario Loison lives at a speed of his own and whoever is at his side is not always able to keep up with him. His innate talents, his entrepreneurial spirit and vision have always made the difference for the company's strategic decisions. These are some of the gems that have made Loison a case of extraordinary entrepreneurship.

Internet. In the nineties, when the Internet in Italy was still unexplored territory, Dario Loison developed his company website. In 1996, it consisted of only a few pages and he began selling his products on-line. The first order came from a Swedish lady who purchased 400 panettone cakes for the Italian Association in Örebro, Sweden. The other order came from an ice cream parlor in Osaka, Japan, where the owner, an Italian deaf man, could only ... [read more]