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A particular aspect of the procedure control, that is the verification of the process from the start to the end, from the acquisition of the ingredients to the finished products packaging, thanks to certifications and tests.

The selection of the ingredients is done with an obsessive care and is frequently updated, with no expenses spared and ingredients must be certified of being of controlled Italian origin, fresh eggs from safe farms, mountain butter and milk, flour, freshly prepared Italian sugar, all this for a genuine and exclusive Italian product.


The basic ingredients are then flanked by the aromatic ones, selected with great care and with creativity: from the fragrant Italian wines like the Torcolato di Breganze and the Noble Wine of Veneto Land, to the candied oranges of Sicily or of the citron of Diamante in Calabria or the exclusive ones of the late Mandarin from Ciaculli*; up to the more exotic ones, like the soft Turkish sultana raisins, the finest quality South American cocoa, the aromatic Mananara Vanilla from Madagascar*.


This is a further reason why these natural ingredients of such a rare and selected quality should not be altered by the process of preparation and thus no additives or substances which can alter their properties or flavour are used. The art of pastry-making consists of this: creating confectionery whilst conserving the ingredients, respecting quality and fragrances which only nature can provide and which only artisanal preparation can preserve.

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