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Natural Yeast








We obtain our natural yeast from a mixture of wheat flour, water, milk and fruit that has been set aside to ferment. No chemical substances are ever added to these natural ingredients. The result of the fermentation is a "starter" dough that is used daily. The spontaneous fermentation occurs in a room where the temperature is between 18 and 30 degrees C. 


The sourdough contains a high number of microorganisms (100 billion saccharomyces and 2,000 billion lactobacilli per kg of dough), which multiply and stimulate an optimal leavening. This unique flora produces a porous dough that, after being baked, becomes a soft spongy product that preserves the exclusive quality of the ingredients for a long time. 


70% of the flour in every Loison Panettone comes from the sourdough. This helps retain the internal moisture of the confection, so it stays softer over time and is highly digestible. Ours is a certified production process: it takes 72 hours of patient work to make Panettone.

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