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More leavened products & Cookies

We not only offer our customers Panettoni and Pandori all through the year, but we also prepare a wide range of other products that will sweeten any moment of your day. We are talking about Veneziana and our finest butter Cookies.

The Veneziana is a timeless cake, available in these varieties: Classic, late Mandarin from Ciaculli, Pistachios from Bronte and Cherry & Cinnamon, presented in the unmistakable wrapping featuring Venetian inspired images. Last, but not least, are our delicious cookies: a new line of products designed to accompany your coffee or tea. Tiny delicacies prepared with excellent ingredients, using traditional recipes and presented in a unique packaging that embellishes even the individual servings.

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Colombe and Focacce

How does Loison manage to make such soft and delicate confections that yield the same fragrance that artisan bakeries can produce? It takes special ingredients, a slow and natural rising process, and gradual cooling. and over 75 years of experience. That is why Loison can offer the most traditional of Easter pastries: the Colomba. Next to it there is the more simple Focaccia.

This sweet bread features a light and fragrant texture that is the result of mixing the dough with butter and aromatic candied orange peel. The reason why it is always the most sought-after dessert lies in its genuine flavors and in the array of varieties that are sure to meet the public’s approval: Peach, Chocolate, Sabayon, Prosecco Wine, Lemon, Mandarin, Chinotto (orange bitters) and Cherry & Cinnamon. Alongside the Colomba, there is the Focaccia, another traditional ... [read more]

Panettoni and Pandori

Today, Loison finds its strength in its ancient family trade and history: the international success of its many  onfections lies in combining the art and quality, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, experience and innovation – just like a Panettone is made. The secret of this cake lies in both the quality of the ingredients and the time spent making it. The carefully selected ingredients enhance the fragrance of Loison’s confections and their flavors remain etched in one’s memory, recalling traditional and genuine products.

The classic Pastry Panettone features a low shape and is made according to an ancient Milanese recipe. This fragrant cake has a top cross-cut by hand, a soft texture and is enriched with raisins, candied peels of Sicilia oranges and of cedro (citron) from Diamante, Calabria. It is also available in numerous varieties featuring innovative and exclusive flavors. Likewise, the Pandoro, made with selected eggs and premium butter, is available both in the classic version and ... [read more]