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Always looking ahead

We strive to always be unique and to work with an eye to the future. Our company is so connected with the world it operates in that we are able to anticipate changes by paying close attention to the most innovative settings. Actually, we ourselves are promoters of new trends. Our business is considered a visionary company that does not follow the usual market logic and moves in a thousand different directions that go beyond the mere production of high quality leavened products.

For example, Loison has its own Museum and Library featuring a collection of historical postcards, antique confectionery items and books on the history of bread baking and pastry. A place where to breathe and promote culture.

We believe in establishing collaborations with schools: both high schools and universities. Dario Loison at times undertakes the role of university professor and gives lectures on entrepreneurship at Italian universities. We also receive groups of students who visit our company for ... [read more]